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    Strange Pain

    Hi All, I woke up about a week ago with pain in my right ribs. I thought it was a pulled muscle but it didn't get any better for a few days. Finally, I went to the Urgent Care Clinic yesterday and had them do x-rays. Nothing showed up. It hurts when I breathe (no fever or cold and nothing...
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    Looking for help!

    One of the things I do is sit on a heating pad. I have leather furniture and even in Florida, Winters get cool. I warm up my chair and it doesn't feel as cold.
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    Is upper back/thoraciac pain normal?

    Yes it is normal and actually if you Google "fibromyalgia tender points" you will see the exact points that are most commonly tender. That doesn't mean you don't have pain all over, it just means for a diagnosed of fibromyalgia, those particular points need to be tender.
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    migraines with fibro?

    I get migraines with auras (classic migraines) but most of my headaches are tension/muscular headaches.
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    Where is your worst pain

    My worst pain is in my neck, jaw, shoulders and headaches. Working on the computer many hours each day only makes it worse.
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    Please help this scared future caregiver!

    I've managed to work with fibro/severe depression/herniated discs in neck/Meniere's disease but it was not easy. I got my education before I was hit with all these conditions. My college accommodates me by letting me do all online classes. Everyone is different. When I got my depression...
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    Wondering how Fibro makes YOU feel.

    It makes me feel sore all over. I also have other health issues but the chronic pain is the most bothersome. My neck, shoulders, and back hurt. I'm working under ADA accommodations from home (I teach college full-time) but this will be my last year because of my health. I want to do things...
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    Really thight and weak muscles

    I agree. Buy some good quality sneakers. Your legs will continue to weaken if you don't use them. The muscles will atrophy and get weaker. It will affect your balance and ability to walk correctly. Make walking a habit, even if it is only a few hundred yards a day. When I walk my neck and...
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    What is considered a good day?

    Every day is different. I would recommend that each of you eat some protein with breakfast. A bagel and tea has no protein unless you are eating some nut butter on it and then it is minimal. Try some Greek yogurt with the bagel. It will give you more energy. Eat protein throughout the day...
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    Advise on applying for Disability

    Get copies of all your doctors records and make sure there are no errors or omissions. You can apply in person and give them all your doctors' records at the same time.....they are required to accept them. Make sure you take copies, put your name and SS# on every page. You can get the...
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