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  1. Sparrow

    Tired of being sick and tired of everything and anything . feeling like a burden!!!

    I certainly understand how you're feeling! I'm 3 years into the fight for disability with my elderly parents and son covering the basic bills. There are days when I feel like a burden with nothing to offer. My inability most days to exercise means my weight is slowly creeping up effecting my...
  2. Sparrow

    Clean House?

    This is what I ultimately began doing several months ago. It takes a while to whittle things down, but as Susan123 says, a little at a time is getting me there. There's another benefit to this simplifying your house...I don't hit my shins, trip or run into things as much when I'm in a flare...
  3. Sparrow

    Back on tramadol

    I have been on Tramadol for over 10 years now...same dosage. I have access to hydrocodone which really helps the pain but even after ONE tablet I have withdrawal symptoms for 4-6 hours after it wears off. I hate taking strong pain meds...I hate taking ANY pain meds but at least when I'm at the...
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