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    Someone else?

    So far, I am not sure if FIBRO shows a certain pattern of genetic inheritance but I curious to know if anyone else (besides you) have/had this in your family?
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    Muscle relaxants

    So, how many of you take muscle relaxants for Fibromyalgia? Its a pretty mediocre treatment, but its still widespread enough.
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    What pain killers?

    For those of who are suffering from painful spree of FIBRO, I am sure the doctors would have suggested you one form of the pain killer or the other. i am curious to know what all pain-killers do you all , use to combat pain.
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    Concentration problems

    I understand that Fibromyalgia may bring about concentration and memory related problems. However, of late, this doesn't seem to be the case as most of the patients display memory related problems late into their life. Do any of you have memory related and concentration problems that you got as...
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    Palliative care

    I am not entirely sure of its useful, but how many of you have approached the palliative care people? I understand that they can be quite helpful when it comes to relieving pain. The ailment need not always be terminal for them to intervene, or so I understand.