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    Someone else?

    So far, I am not sure if FIBRO shows a certain pattern of genetic inheritance but I curious to know if anyone else (besides you) have/had this in your family?
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    Muscle relaxants

    So, how many of you take muscle relaxants for Fibromyalgia? Its a pretty mediocre treatment, but its still widespread enough.
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    First symptoms of Fibromyalgia

    A good point of difference is, no one has yet reported pain on the upper part of the body as a symptom.
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    Telltale Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

    One tell-tale symptom, I have seen and observed is constant mood swings and depression, However, it often happens to hypothyroidism patients too, so you might need a good diagnostic check-up to see what it is all about.
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    How Do You Cope?

    Sure! I'll ask my mom more about methods she adopt to control and forget all this and I will let you know soon!
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    How Do You Cope?

    Now, she mostly spends time in the church praying. I didnt restrict her, because is she is comfortable with it, then i am happy with it too!
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    Fibromyalgia or depression

    Hey! If you dont mind me suggesting - if you are genuinely in doubt that this is FIBRO, then go ahead and see either a nerologist/physician. If you are not diagnosed of it., then see a psychiatrist and that might work the trick!
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    It Ain't Easy Being A Man With Fibromyalgia

    Yea. The best possible social tool is your mind. Take what is good and leave the bilge behind!
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    How Do You Cope?

    Jesus! You're mother is brilliant. When I interact with my patients, a few ideas they use, inroder to cope up with pain are - 1. Hear Music 2. Watch Television shows that distract them 3.Pray
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    Concentration problems

    If you dont midn me asking, are you saying me that sleeping well can often sure you of these concentration problems?