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    Is fibro over-diagnosed

    I work full time, its very difficult at times I use my sick leave and then have to use my holidays when I am suffering badly. My Diagnosis came about from a few blood tests that kept coming up with Lupas and then on the secondary specific test for Lupas it came up negative, this happened over a...
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    New to Forum

    Hi All, I am from Logan City in Australia. I have been dealing with Fibro for years now but only diagnosed last year after countless bloodtests continually bring up Lupas and then when tested directly for Lupas coming back negative, also always with inflammatory markers too high. Mostly my...
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    Working Or Not, What Type of Work?

    HI All, Im new :) I was diagnosed last year with Fibro after years of symptoms mostly chronic pain in knees and sholders and constant fatigue as well as insommnia or waking up feeling like I havent slept. Pain and stiffness wakes up all hours of the night and at work when I sit too long. I work...