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    Neck/throat and collarbone area

    I have a weird feeling in my neck, throat and collarbone area. I can’t really call it pain - more like an ache. It has come and gone but now I am going on a month of non stop. I also wake up a bit stuffed up. I do not have a cold or anything. I have had a chest and neck CT and been to ear...
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    Sore throat/neck

    Morning! this is a new one for Me. I have always had aching kind of pain I. The front of my necm but this morning I woke up with what feels a bit like a sore throat and pain into my ears. Anyone else experienced a sore throat feeling?
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    So this is all new to me as I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. Does anyone get fluttering in their chest and arm and shoulder aches? It scares me and I feel like it is heart related. I have had it before and went to ER the first time and had several tests to rule out heart issues.
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    Alternatives to medication

    I was just diagnosed and am hesitant to take medication right away. Curious as to alternatives. I am trying physio tomorrow and have read masssage and acupuncture help. Anyone have other suggestions that have worked for them? I am going to watch my diet and try different things there. Any...
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    Just diagnosed

    I was just diagnosed this week after 2 years of issues. I have been to doctor and ER several times over last few years. It started With ear and neck pain and now get tingling in my feet and arms. I get “strange” feelings all over. Pain in my arms and funny feeling in my chest/ribs has had me...