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  1. Trellum

    Arm pain

    Hi, thanks for the fast reply :) When it comes to my hands I feel pain in the joints of a couple of my fingers :( Then also the palm, the center of my arm and elbow. I hope I can get a diagnosis soon, writing this is painful :( Have you found some relief for the pain caused by those issues...
  2. Trellum


    I am quite familiar with that sensation, but mine doesn't sound as bad as yours :( Does your happen in different spots? Mine n ever happen in the same spot in a row, but they usually happen in the legs, specially the soles. Lately on the back of my neck, once on my palm. I've had it on my...
  3. Trellum

    Arm pain

    My left arm and hand are both killing me :( To make matters worse my mom hit me with the metal end of the seat belt :( I have a bruise, and the elbow also hurts. I don't know what to think... in the past I've had pain in this area, but this has lasted quite a bit now :( Is someone...
  4. Trellum

    symptoms list

    Some of those symptoms can be caused by fibro, but sadly they could be caused by other things... I mean, I have fibro, but I also have other issues that cause me neurological symptoms. It's great you are actually seeing a doctor to check those other health issues you have, I am also pre...
  5. Trellum


    My hands do shake sometimes, but nothing too notorious, I mean, I think most people wouldn't note until they actually pay a lot attention to it. And when it does happen it's usually out of nervousness. But then again... I've a cavernoma in my brain, and possibly another one in my dorsal spine...
  6. Trellum


    Hi there :) So sorry to hear you lost your best friend, I went through the same just this year... I lost the person I thought that was my best friend simply because he didn't seem to be as interested in our friendship as before. I got tired of being the one always contacting him and such. It...
  7. Trellum

    keratin - my hair doesn't like protein

    I heard baking soda and vinegar could leave your scalp very clean, tried, but didn't do much for me. But for my friend did wonders, or so he says. I think this wouldn't work for a person with a really long hair (like me). But for short haired men it must work really well, because my friend is...
  8. Trellum

    Teens with Fibromyalgia (Vent, Questions/Answers, Support)

    Hi there! I also started to show symptoms very early on, but it wasn't until some years later I was diagnosed :( It's hard when it starts when you are still so young, but don't worry, this is the kind of experiences that can totally make you (or also break you if you let it). You will learn...
  9. Trellum

    New here - neck pain

    I had it, it was caused by stress and neck tension :( It's awful! What I did was breathing exercises as well as walking 30 minutes a day. That helped me relax the muscles of my neck, which decreased not only the pain in my neck, but also my headaches.
  10. Trellum

    burning chest pain

    Exactly, WarriorPrinces :) I also have several co-occurring health issues, and sometimes it's so hard to point what is causing what and such. It's so hard, things have gotten even more complicated with my new diagnosis. And OP... GERD is awful! The pain knows no rules or boundaries when...