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    Hi David ( and others ) How are members mentioned?. I tried @username and that doesnt seem to be working Thank you
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    2nd MRI

    Well the first was to determine why I have numbness and tingling in my left hand. MRI showed bulging discs in my C spine. I have a fusion on c6-c7,so its kinda not surprising. The second was to find out why my shoulder/arm is in excruciating pain when I stretch or move my shoulder . It would...
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    Physicians on Treasure Coast

    Physicians in South Florida Anyone know of internists or rheumi's in West Palm Beach/Palm beach area or even Vero Beach. I'm in Stuart, and an hours drive is about the max I can travel Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Greetings :)

    Another Florida resident here. I have had fibro going on 7 years now ( with hyper mobility and a few other odds and ends ) I am glad to meet all of you :), and wishing everyone the best!