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  1. medicmurphy

    Been A While

    Greetings to all of you, It's been a few months since I've checked in to the forum. I've been browsing and can see some of you are still actively battling this nasty syndrome. I also see that there are a few more members. The last I posted was about attempting to increase some exercise in an...
  2. medicmurphy

    When Do You Hurt More? Day or Night?

    This is a question I'm interested in. For myself I hurt more at night. Sometimes waking myself with moaning and groaning in pain. When do you folks hurt more? Moving around in this day tends to help with the pain but at night the lying still triggers the pain.
  3. medicmurphy

    FMS; Now CF too

    So, went to my Dr appt today as my Fibro has exacerbated to ridiculous extremes. Also, I had developed a cough that has not resolved. Result of the appointment is this; I am inflamed from head to toe, including my lungs. I will be on inhalers with other meds to reduce the inflammation. I have...
  4. medicmurphy

    Mentally Hit The Wall

    Hello folks, I'm new on this forum. Primarily because I think after 26 years I have hit the perverbial wall mentally. It's hard to explain and I'm wondering if the Fibro community will understand. Emotionally I am still coping. Physically I have become so accustomed to feeling like a pile of...
  5. medicmurphy

    Coping with fibromyalgia is challenging

    Greetings, Thought I'd join this community as I've reached a point where coping on my own has become more challenging. This is not to say I do not have my husband's support. He tries his best and is very compassionate. However, my condition has worsened over the last couple years and my quality...