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    Sorry to be such a pain in the ass, but I recently tried to upload two new posts with links in them that were unapproved by moderators. I read the PM and know it is because of the links, but unfortunately, I cannot seem to PM back, so I will have to put it here instead. :| I read the forum...
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    I'm surprised how many people here are still able to work and drive their cars! I've never driven or gotten a liscense, but I know I couldn't be trusted to get behind the wheel now with my fibro and foot problems, along with the meds making me less likely to catch hazards and other road sense...
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    Hello, New and sharing my story.

    Hello there, I am brand new here and I hope not to make any faux pas during my 'initiation' phase. Lol! I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Fibro around 2-3 years ago, resulted from an accident at work around 5 years ago which damaged my foot and has left me on crutches ever since. Here is...