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    Hi I am a new member and my story

    Hi Sylvie Welcome to the Forum.sorry you had to go through this. I need quiet too. I cannot handle any stimulation, light, sound or just too many things. Flares can come with a vengeance. Take Care and feel free to vent, ask questions and such. Wish you all the best
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    Calling out of work

    This^ yes you need to document everything. You also may want to consult an attorney. Yea its costs, but the attorney can advise you the best course of action
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    Calling out of work

    The rule of thumb of sorts is that, as long as you are working, you will be denied social security benefits
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    Another new person to the forum :)

    Hi Sandra Welcome to the forum. DX in 1997? if my memory serves me well, fibro wasnt very understood then. Yes it sucks. anyway this is a cool place to vent, ask questions or just chill. take care
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    disability, benefits and feeling guilty

    HUGS to you Vicky You deserve the best, and please dont think otherwise.
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    let's list our embarrassing complaints

    How about a fibro fog moment. Took the trash out to the curb, and when I came back in I heard a motor type sound. Look around and saw that the shredder was on. Now mind you this shredder, you have to turn the knob. You cant just bump into it. Have no idea how it started Now what else is...
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    Hi David ( and others ) How are members mentioned?. I tried @username and that doesnt seem to be working Thank you
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    Massaging sore spots

    for me messaging makes it worse. Rib trouble, yes and there is a name for that its called, costochondritis, it causes pain around the breast bone and rib cage,
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    New and I don't feel myself

    Hello and welcome :) This is a safe place where we do understand, and I am glad you find this forum. Its been an invaluable resource and source of comfort for me, and I hope it will be for you too. I wish you all the best!
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    Serious stress

    Another thing to consider is the quality of health care. Research Hospitals and doctors and see where the good ones are. And while I would love to have you as a neighbor, Florida stinks as far as health care. Unless you want to pay 2K for concierge medicine, the docs here are mediocre at best.