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    I feel like I have a fever with flu like symptoms when I get a flare up

    Completely agree. When I get really run down its almost as if I've come down with something. Last week, I even had to have a COVID test (again) as my chest was hurting and I struggled to catch my breath.
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    I'm sorry to hear this, especially when you are young. There is some very good advice on here regarding managing the symptoms and getting by day-to-day. The only assurance I can give you - and I feel hypocritical saying this today as I feel like my body has been broken up by a road-drill - is...
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    Cathartic book writing

    I was thinking of collating a few other people's symptoms actually. Watch this space.
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    Cathartic book writing

    My pleasure. There might be a sequel on the way as - and I'm sure I'm not alone - I simply cannot go through all of the little aches and pains that come with Fibromyalgia in one short book. I'll see how the first one goes down and if reviews are positive before committing to writing another bit...
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    Cathartic book writing

    I definitely think you have to. After a long week, I had a perfectly rotten weekend where every bone and muscle ached.
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    Can Fibromyalgia hide other illnesses?

    The obvious answer to this is 'Yes', but it struck me just how serious this can potentially be. At the weekend, I heard that someone I knew who I often used to chat to about our respective experiences had died. It was a real shock to the family and knocked me for six too. What is worrying - and...
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    What is this? Pain in my face

    The sheer panoply of symptoms is exhausting and brings about a bit of madness. I had gout recently and I was wondering how much I could blame of Fibromyalgia weakening me. One thing you can say as someone with Fibromyalgia is that life sure gets interesting.
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    Cathartic book writing

    So I start off with a shameless plug to get it over with. I have a short book on Fibromyalgia coming out on Friday on Amazon. Now this isn't a Self-Help book or anything like that, but it was a bit of catharsis for me as I thought about all of the nonsense that goes with the illness. I am a...