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    How do you deal with memory loss?

    Lyrica and amitriptyline can cause memory issues. I was at 100 mg of amitriptyline and I notice I was forgetting things and also had a dull headache most of the time. Just getting pain under control too. I am still seeing where the sweet spot is as I am adjusting it now to 50 mg. Memory issues...
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    I’m on 100 mg and started on 50 mg. My nights would be sleepless without it. Always have to weigh the benefits verses side effects with any drug. I seem to tolerate it and gives me 5-6 hours of sleep verses maybe an hour before I started it. We need a good nights sleep to be able to function...
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    New pain in random areas

    For me the onset of some new pain was stress. I used to work in a very high stressful job which I loved but I had to retire early because I could not physically and mentally handle it. I think everyone has pain triggers and trying to find yours is mentally exhausting at times. Don’t give up.
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    Having a hard time

    Ok::::;;; This pandemic is news and stretching the truth sells more. Limit your time listening to it. There will always be something out there that we can’t control making news headlines. Stress is the biggest enemy we have. When I lost my career of 35 years I was devastated but the stress was...
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    Getting worse?

    The thing is one day it will be the best day you can remember then it turns on you without any warning signs and it is back with a vengeance. So I was talking with my doctor and said that I really can’t tell if this treatment is working. He said, well stopping the med will be the only way to...