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    Are Fibromyalgia and CFS similar or linked?

    Thank you very much. I've read all that you wrote and it makes perfect sense. I'm going to make a big effort to follow your suggestions
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    Are Fibromyalgia and CFS similar or linked?

    Over the last 15 years I've had many tests with questionable diagnoses. Adrenal inflammation Fibromyalgia Adrenal insufficiency Chronic fatigue syndrome I've been given vitamins and supplements and tried to live a healthy lifestyle. But I'm no better. I also have chronic anxiety and...
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    Unsure whether my symptoms are due to Fibromyalgia

    Some years ago I was given a rather reluctant and vague diagnosis of Fibromyalgia but without any treatment suggestions or advice. I had blood tests for various illnesses like RA and vitamin deficiencies but nothing stood out at the time. I'm still unsure whether this is the condition I have...