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  1. Bonnie86

    Early Days - What happens next?

    Hi, thanks so much for responding. Since my post I have received my blood results, everything is fine apart from a raised ESR which is indicative of inflammation somewhere, but i know it doesn't pin point exactly. They are retesting in 1 months time to monitor the ESR and if its elevated again...
  2. Bonnie86


    Hey. Im not quite there yet, but my mom suffers too and only mentioned recently that she had to come off HRT when she was diagnosed around 4 years ago
  3. Bonnie86

    Early Days - What happens next?

    Hi Everyone. Im currently going through the motions to be diagnosed. Awaiting blood tests to rule out any other conditions. My pains started not long ago, but have been pretty full on, I think working from home hasnt helped one bit, and I'm certainly less active now since Covid came around than...