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    Is fibro over-diagnosed

    Sometimes you just have to realize that doctors are people too and the person that graduates medical school with the lowest grade is still considered a doctor. I've had a few pretty bad experiences with doctors (Not in dealing with fibromyalgia. I participate in these forums because I'm curious...
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    Tap Water and Fibro

    This is interesting. I think it's also possible that the ingredients in tap water affect different people differently. Whereas it might be safe for some and not others. That being said, I can't bring myself to let my child drink it and neither do I, so that natural gut aversion might mean...
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    Feeling Low / Emotional

    Hi, You mentioned anxiety and depression and even if these are just temporary emotions because of your situation, these things still might help. Skullcap is really good for anxiety. I find that anxiety is the source of a lot of depression for me but if the depression persists, then St. John's...
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    Something I'd Like to Share

    I know that not everyone on this board is a Christian, but I am and I can't help but share this with you. I have been going through an incredibly hard time in my life dealing with family betrayal and following that, financial and emotional harassment from the people I was supposed to be able to...
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    Skin Irritations and Severe Itching

    Gentle oatmeal soaps are good. So is soaking in a bath with colloidal oatmeal. Many oatmeal lotions have too much perfume, but Aveeno is okay but pricey. Vaseline helps though some people can't stand the greasiness. Hydro-cortisone used sparingly along with the Vaseline, combined with the...
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    Am I being silly?!

    Why in the world would you think you're being silly. If you're experiencing things that are so concerning and your doctors don't feel there is an issue, please make sure to go to a large city and get several second opinions just to be safe. Most of the time when I look back in life, the thing I...
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    Melatonin is great for falling asleep and Valerian is also very effective in the same way. However, the effect of melatonin is somewhat cleaner feeling whereas Valerian is kind of herby which somehow seems heavier. Also, you can take melatonin on a friday evening and keep falling asleep whenever...
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    Alterative Methods For Healing

    I'm so glad that you have achieved some results with the the things that you've been doing. Everyone's body is different so I'm sure that dietary changes can help other people as well. Thank you so much for sharing your results.
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    Anti-Inflammation Diet

    Well, sometimes radical diet changes don't stick. If you see results from it though, it might. However, I know there are lots of good treatments for inflammation, many herbs and teas. I actually believe beans are also very strong anti-inflammatory foods. Of course they will make you gassy, but...