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  1. srdodla123

    Medical cannabis

    I have got a doctor prescribe me for a medical marijuana card. Any advice on what type would help for chronic pain? Also would like to know all your experiences with marijuana for chronic pain And chronic anxiety / depression.
  2. srdodla123

    Cervical epidural

    I am scheduled for cervical epidurals for tomorrow and I am having cold feet around it after looking out on the web: My mri and EMG showed a pinched nerve and my pain doctor suggested this any experience / advice appreciated
  3. srdodla123

    Full time work

    I have continued working till now full time and for last 4-5 years finding it difficult to cope up with this chronic pain from fibromyalgia. On top of it I have anxiety disorder. I am 55 now and my son is settled . Sometimes I find it difficult to go on this way and my cognitive functioning has...