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    Facial Pain

    Dear notadumbld, I am so sorry you are experiencing facial pain. I too have on occasion had facial and head pain.. I mean pain like pressure so bad inside my head that it actually sounded rational to me to just hit myself with an axe to let the pressure escape. I know. Crazy making pain, pain...
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    Medical Marijuana

    I live in a state in which medical marijuana is legal. I use it for pain and nausea. Before marijuana became legal, I was taking a combination of percocet and methadone and getting very little relief. I'd tried lyrica (had the visual problems with it), neurontin, cymbalta, amitryptilene, and...
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    New to the forum

    Hi there, I'm a 63 year old grandmother from Colorado who was first diagnosed with fibro fifteen years ago. The diagnostic horror tour took 5 years before that. I enjoy my grandchildren, my children, and a small circle of very understanding friends. My heart goes out to all who are members here.