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    Stomach inflammation???

    Hi all. My latest Fibro symptom is a weird stomach issue. I have Ibs, which is usually under control, but lately we’ve been in a weather pattern that sits around freezing - pouring rain some days, snow others- and it’s absolutely killing me. Lately, whenever the temp drops, no matter what I’ve...
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    Nausea advice

    Hi there. Apparently I’ve been on here before, because I have an account, but I’d completely forgotten. Fibro brain!!! 😳 I read through the previous post on nausea, but I’m in one of those, ‘Help, nothing’s working’ moments. I’ve had Fibro for a very long time - diagnosed about 7 years ago, but...
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    When you guys talk about itchy skin, is it the surface of the skin, or a deep itching? Recently I've been getting 'itchy skin' spots. but it feels like it's deep down in the tissue where I can't reach it. I get a kind of itchy bump sometimes (that docs think is relate to herpes simplex) that is...
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    New Gaga article in the guardian

    There's a new article about fibromyalgia (and Lady Gaga, but more generally about fibro) in the The Guardian today. Nice to see a little press!
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    travelling pain

    So I've had weeks and weeks of severe hip that had been keeping me awake at night. I'd gotten it somewhat under control with a combination of TENS heat stretching and muscle rub (a very long bedtime routine), but it was still a daily problem. Then I got a bad chest cold, complete with that...
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    peeling nails

    Do any of you get this? For awhile, my nails will be fine, and then my fingernails will either break right at the quick or the top layer will separate from the bottom layer and peel. My toenails just do the peeling thing. I know i don't absorb iron - I'm permanently on supplements because I get...
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    hot at night

    Anyone else get steamy hot at night? For me it starts in the evening and once I go to bed it gets much, much worse. (lol, I'm realizing this sounds like a racey post :-D). Maybe it's because I'm not moving around, but my body temp seems to creep up in the evening, and then when I crawl into bed...
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    Has anyone tried the quell device for pain? I have good success with the TENS machine for some of my pain, so I'm thinking about trying the quell machine, but it's so expensive I'm hesitant. Trying to figure out if it's based in science or just more snake oil..,
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    Body rallies in the tough times

    Just went through a crazy few days and my body is doing me some favours. We were on vacation (btw the very cold, dry Quebec is much more comfortable than cool, wet, Ontario) when my daughter had a dogsled accident and broke her ankle in 4 places. Add a blizzard to the mix and you get a 4 day, 3...
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    Has anyone tried going to a chiropractor? Any pain relief?