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    MS or fibro?

    We are both going to find our answers I am sure. This is a tough one and I suspect there is a cause not yet found. for instance, I look at what has changed in our environment in the last ten years. There is a lot of change in what we are exposed to and in the research I have looked into, the...
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    Is anyone else worse in the morning?

    Hand in the air in agreement. If I sit or lay for long it is like waking up all over again.
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    considering causes of fibromyalgia and FSC

    Hi everyone. I want to ask a question that I hope all will reply to. How many of you smoke? I ask because I have been developing some developing symptoms to my fibro diagnosis and I have all the time in the world to search for possibilities of the cause of this hideous disorder. I have...
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    MS or fibro?

    I have not had the spinal tap yet. two reasons why. I lost my health insurance and am pretty much on a stand still until I can get it again. I also am having a difficult time in finding a doctor that will listen to me and act on what I say instead of the eye rolling and being ignored like I am...
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    MS or fibro?

    I sure can relate to your story. Sounds like mine. I had a MRI and there are no brain leisions, but that does not rule out the leisions could be in the spine and not the brain. the only real way to know if it is MS is a spinal tap and testing of the spine fluid. There are several others...
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    New member mehlisue

    Hello. I am Mehlisue. I am 57 years old, grandma of 8 wonderful children. In 2004 I had a accident that never seemed to heal. The doctors told me that the pain levels were of a unknown origin after a healing time had come and gone. that began my years of suffering that no one knew what to do...