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    26 with fibro

    Thank you Safleyn. It took me a while to find the right place, everyone here seems supportive and active. Yes! I certainly need help on the nutrition side. I can't seem to find a doctor whom understands what my body needs and I don't know either.
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    26 with fibro

    Hi everyone :smile: I'm Tony, a 26 year old female. I'm not sure when my Fibromyalgia started but I was diagnosed by the start of 2017. I think it's been 8 years (I had wrist pain that spread to my shoulder and neck now all over my body). I'm angry about it one day, and a fighter in another...
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    Seeking some guidance in the world of Fibromyalgia

    Hello there I'm sorry to hear that, I hope things get better and that you're granted strength to live every day happily. You're not alone. I'm 25 years old and been suffering from left arm pain for 6 years, it started in wrist and spread to the neck, I was given the wrong diagnosis until it...