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  1. _Nyx

    Fibromyalgia and Menstrual Pains

    SulaBlue, no I was actually quite regular while on the birth control pill, and since being off I am only off by a day or two. I did have blood work done last April for thyroid while trying to see what has been going on with my body and nothing came up then ... thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. _Nyx

    Working Or Not, What Type of Work?

    Working is the biggest struggle I have right now. I graduated this past summer and have been looking forward to getting that 'better job'. Aside from the crappy work market right now I have experienced other concerns. In November I started a great job. The unfortunate thing was that I was...
  3. _Nyx

    Fibromyalgia and Menstrual Pains

    Since I have stopped taking the birth control pill I have noticed that every month my cramps are getting worse and worse. This past month was especially bad. Heating pad and T3's were my medication of choice. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant so every month I just hope to not get my...
  4. _Nyx

    Fibromyalgia affecting sleep

    My lack of sleep was starting to get scary for me for I traveled 1.5 - 2 hours to work. I would often be up throughout the night in pain or not being able to get comfortable. Then that dreaded alarm goes off when you feel as though you just got to sleep. The lack of sleep compounded with the...
  5. _Nyx

    Sleep or Lack Of

    One thing I have tried as well is getting out bed when I am just 'tossing and turning'. I have found that when I toss and turn I am actually in more pain because I cannot get comfortable, which only exacerbates my not sleeping. Try getting out of bed and walking around, either coming on the...
  6. _Nyx

    Increasing Pain with Fibromyalgia

    Hi tabid, I think everyone has moments when they question their strength and their ability to continue. I myself am quite new to the world of Fibromyalgia. I guess I have had it for a couple years now, but the pain levels were manageable. I had injured my back several years ago so I always...