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  1. Kittykat12


    Im a recently diagnosed 62 year old. I have ME, fibromyalgia and arthritis. This past week I have felt nausea on and off throughout the days and in the nights. I go extremely hot sometimes and feel im going to pass out then I go cold. I also have a bad tum but not as much as nausea. Is this...
  2. Kittykat12

    Its confirmed

    Hi everyone, i have been lurking behind the scenes but now my diagnosis is confirmed. I have fibromyalgia and ME. I work in a busy department and have recently moved to a new team. Half younger folk half older upto and including my age (61). On the outside i dont look or act my age and i have...
  3. Kittykat12

    Sore mouth

    awaiting diagnosis for fibromyalgia in fact got my telephone consultation tomorrow. I would like to know if any suffers suffer from mouth ulcers? No sooner do I get rid if one another 2 crop up. All in different places around the inside of my mouth so I.know its not dental or damage related...
  4. Kittykat12


    hi new to the forum and in process of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Had all the tests to rule out other possibilities and then covid struck the world. My sister has both fibro and ME and arthritis. I started with arthritis and think I definitely have fibro. I still work part time and...