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  1. Kittykat12

    Swollen Salivary Glands

    Me too nearly every morning x
  2. Kittykat12

    unilateral (one-sided) fibro

    My pain is mostly left sided, occasionally both sides. I was diagnosed during covid and feel like it was dumped on mecalso but I understand fibromyalgia has so many facets to it. Its a learning curve luckily I know and work with lots of folk with it and family members so I can learn from them x
  3. Kittykat12

    head and jaw

    Last week in the early hours of the morning I woke with left sided jaw pain. It was awful. My face was very tender to touch along my upper jaw line and the pain lasted a few days. At first I thought it was reaction to covid vaccination as I had mine high on the top of my shoulder and later that...
  4. Kittykat12

    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Hi Im 62 from the uk had the oxford one late Saturday afternoon. All my joints started to ache sunday morning and then my muscles. No temp but tired. Seemed to ease towards tea time but over night back with a vengence. Had to call in sick at work, feel I have been run over by steam roller...
  5. Kittykat12

    New Arm Pain I’ve had lately.

    I struggle with my arms when drying my hair and lifting them up. I have to keep stopping. It feels like I am holding a ton of weight up just drying a part of my hair x
  6. Kittykat12


    Spoke to my manager today, I have to apply to speak to the force doctor, if they say yes they will change it. In the meantime he is going to pull my shifts forward. Hopefully this will help. I feel I have gone from being so independent and a go getter to now being the opposite but im sure I...
  7. Kittykat12


    To be honest I think its working a 10pm till 6am night shift, whilst I have done this for years I have really struggled lately. Not the amount of hours but the time im working totally upset my system this week has been awful. Only did one then one finishing at 4am but sleeping so much the day...
  8. Kittykat12


    Hi thanks for getting back to me. I dont think its gastro as in-between bouts I feel fine. I remember telling my doctor few years ago I kept feeling nausea and they dismissed it, its the same but more often now. I will keep a note of when its happening and see how it goes. Im trying to eat...
  9. Kittykat12


    Im a recently diagnosed 62 year old. I have ME, fibromyalgia and arthritis. This past week I have felt nausea on and off throughout the days and in the nights. I go extremely hot sometimes and feel im going to pass out then I go cold. I also have a bad tum but not as much as nausea. Is this...
  10. Kittykat12

    Its confirmed

    Thank you, i will read your post and digest. Thank you for replying