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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Understood, I 'feel like poo' all the time too, so never know for sure if I'm coming down with something or not.
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    There seems to be an ongoing debate as to whether exercise is helpful to Fibro sufferers or not. I got into doing a 10 to 15 min 'workout' most mornings ie nothing too strenuous, just stretches etc & at my own pace & that seemed to help improve my energy levels & enable me to stay active longer...
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    Change of medication, coming off Gabapentin

    I thought we'd moved on from the 'It's All In your Head' fallacy way back. Admittedly, research into Fibromyalgia has been painfully (no pun intended )slow, largely due to it not having the 'glamour' of the likes of Cancer or Heart disease etc so doesn't get the same level of attention or...
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    Alternative Therapy for Anxiety

    Sorry about that, I pressed the wrong button & messed-up with the paragraph settings or something & it all went a bit strange, but story of my life lol!
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    Alternative Therapy for Anxiety

    Exactly so sunkacola & well said. I'm a Trustee of an African Children's Charity, I live on a small income in a tiny one-bedroom flat, which I share with my son who has serious mental health issues & who cannot support himself, meaning as well as trying to cope with my Fibro, I live in a...
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    My support gal 💕

    My dog was a Rescue dog aged 10ish the vet said & I had him 13 years. He was the best dog I ever had but died on the first day of the first lock down here in England. There's a huge empty hole they leave behind in your life & I still miss him every day. but I know my Fibro pain & exhaustion etc...
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    Frozen Appendages

    I like the 'Nose Cosy' idea. Once upon a time when everyone used tea-pots, there were tea-pot Cosies & I seem to remember seeing 'Egg Cosies' that were used to keep boiled eggs warm, they might just be the right size but am not sure how one would keep them on. I also like the cashmere...
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    Frozen Appendages

    PS: I use fake tan on my pasty white legs, which makes me feel much better about them. Except you can't see my legs for my more or less permanent over-the-knee woolly socks & anyway, I wear long skirts but I reckon anything, no matter how small, that makes us feel better about ourselves or just...
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    Frozen Appendages

    Thanks for these posts. I've struggled with freezing hands etc but I've never seen any info about appendages, other than mention of Fibro patients 'often have no internal thermostat', which I kinda know seeing as my near-constant companion is a hot water bottle, whatever the season, so am...