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  1. chillax316

    Thanks for all of your encouragement

    Thank you all for sharing updates on your healing journeys. I have learned a lot from you about adapting to and healing from fibro and general health things. I wanted to share with you an update on my story. Fibromyalgia flared very badly while I was undergoing radiation. I think I had it...
  2. chillax316

    How to deal with grief while having fibro?

    Hi WinnieBlue, So sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your loved ones. When my Dad made his heavenly departure last year, I attended a group called GriefShare. It was helpful and I would recommend it. Just google it and look for one near you. Wishing you strength, comfort and peace. Hugs
  3. chillax316

    Question.... I have heard the phrase "fibro Itch" Is this a thing?

    The things that Sunkacola suggested sound great. You might also consider a filter for your shower head to filter chlorine and other chemicals in your shower water as one of the stages to try. Good to have a water filter for drinking water as well. Whole house ones are ideal, but those cost a arm...
  4. chillax316

    Frozen Appendages

    Hi Paintedfox, You might be considered cold in Chinese medicine. I have been dealing with that myself and was told to not eat/drink cold things, no raw foods and to eat warm foods. Also I learned that Bengal Spice tea, ginger tea and beef bone broth are helpful. I really like the Bengal Spice...
  5. chillax316

    Don’t make the same mistake I made

    "BPPV (positional vertigo). The BPPV has been treated and is much better" Hi femfatigued, How did you treat the vertigo? I am very prone to vertigo.
  6. chillax316

    Please help, I dont know what to do

    Hi sadiehamley, I was diagnosed with leaky gut in January by a holistic doctor. Then I saw a segment on CBN with Dr Colbert talking about Leaky gut. He wrote a book called Healthy Gut Zone which I promptly ordered and read twice in a week. He says that 90% of all illness begins in the gut. I...
  7. chillax316

    Strange head pain

    Hi Nikkozoo, I have had similar type feeling with severe headaches. I went to see a lymphatic massage lady. She asked when I walked in if I am prone to vertigo. I said yes, why do you ask? She said she could tell by the way I was walking. I actually went to her for lymphatic massage on my arm...
  8. chillax316

    Just having a bad day, for the last 4 months....

    Peachy, Thank you for mentioning CBD salve. I hadn't thought of that and it is helping me already.
  9. chillax316

    Feeling Foggy and Stressed and Fatigued...You have a lot of company

    Hi Sunkacola, Thank you for your posts. They are super helpful and informative. I am new to the site and newly diagnosed with Fibro. I think Fibro fog and lack of sleep kind of go hand in hand. I was undergoing treatments for breast cancer (3 surgeries, 2 weeks radiation) when I became...
  10. chillax316

    Frustrated, searching, angry

    MsRant, Welcome to the site. I too am new. I feel your pain and frustration with medical people not understanding Fibromyalgia. I had a similar experience yesterday. I am a breast cancer patient. I had 3 surgeries and two weeks of radiation. During the radiation I got extreme Fibromyalgia and...