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  1. CountryGirl

    Does anyone else take Naltrexone 4.5mg

    ok so i found the link and its not exactly how i thought it worked but here is the link so you can watch it. It is briefly mentioned around 45:45 and they were still dong studies on it at that time. But i haven't heard anything further on this so was wondering if anyone else had tried it.
  2. CountryGirl

    Does anyone else take Naltrexone 4.5mg

    Yes it worked better then any other drug I tried. It has worked for a little over a year but i think its slowly not working or I'm just having more breakthrough pain. But when i first started taking it, i wanted to kiss the doctor! It is an opiate blocker and have been used for decades to...
  3. CountryGirl

    Coffee & Fibromyalgia Fatigue

    I went on Adderall for sever fatigue and it of course works wonders but I wish I could find something natural to replace it with.
  4. CountryGirl

    Does anyone else take Naltrexone 4.5mg

    Well I'm new here so thought I would post. I've had fibro for several years and like many spent the first 3 screaming WHY & trying ever drug that the big pharmaceutical companies push. I tried them all and then found an amazing Dr who was willing to work with ME & let me lead my journey. For...
  5. CountryGirl

    In process of getting diagnosis but I know I'm not alone.

    Hi BM64, many of your symptoms do reflect that of fibro but I'm sure with all the information out there now days you probably already knew that. The process can be long and frustrating but allowing the doctors to rule out all other possibilities is defiantly better then a misdiagnosis. Best...