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    is it normal for fibro sufferers to have lots of symptoms?

    I get the ear thing. Just my left one. Thing is, I don't know it's sore until itches. When I absent mindedly scratch it goes from minor itch to 7 on the pain scale. Doesn't usually last long, thankfully.
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    Weird hand jerks

    I had this while on Cymbalta. Now that I am off of it, all jerking movements have ceased.
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    Does fibromyalgia run in families?

    My mother (who is 99) is diagnosed, I am diagnosed, & my daughter also has a diagnosis. I think my brother also has fibro, he doesn't think so. He just thinks it's part of getting older. Our ages are 99, 69 (brother), 57, & 23. Each of us is affected differently & to varying degrees of...
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    A Physician Who Gets It.

    I posted earlier a link to this article. I didn't realize that registration was needed to view the article. Here is the article. "Vancouver – “We have less power, pharmacologically, than we thought. The vast majority of people are getting adverse effects in return for nothing,” said Dr. Tom...
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    Body tremor/shaking - Fibro symptom or drug side-effect?

    It could be a side-effect of the Cymbalta. I was on 60mg for nearly a year. The tremors started about 3 months in. I put it off to Fibro. A couple of months ago, I had a seizure. My doctor took me off the Cymbalta to be on the safe side (I've also been referred to a neurologist). I am now 18...
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    Weird Vision Thing

    Anyone else experience this? The best way to describe what happens is like this: on TV when they show someone looking through a peephole, they show the person on the other side is seen as though through a stretched circle. I've had this happen twice now. It only lasts a few minutes. Is this a...
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    I found that by keeping it up, eventually the flares receded. It took about 2.5 months of 3...

    I found that by keeping it up, eventually the flares receded. It took about 2.5 months of 3 times/week at the gym. Slowly but surely.
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    Anyone else have this kind of pain?

    I have it tonight, just out of the blue. Usually it only lasts a few minutes, but this episode is going on 3 hours. I've never had an ear infection, but I imagine this is how it must feel, but on the outside of the ear. I took a T3, but I'm not expecting it to do much. This is going to make...
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    Anyone else have this kind of pain?

    I get the ear thing too. It's weird & very painful. Hsmommy
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    Hi Brandi. I am in my mid 50's & have osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia. I have been off work since April. I am on a combination of Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 60mg + Aripiprazole (Abilify) 7.5mg. I also exercise 3 times per week. Initially, I would have said the exercise was going to kill me, however I...