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  1. Drtohelpfibro

    Podcast doctor looking for people interested to be interviewed or have their questions discussed, or have their stories shared

    I am looking for guests on my new Conquering Your Fibromyalgia podcast that was started a couple of weeks ago. Podcasting is new to me and up to now I haven't done any interviews but hope to in the future. My goal is to give much-needed information on fibromyalgia, inspire with hope on getting...
  2. Drtohelpfibro

    Fibromyalgia book title feedback

    I am a physician with a soon to be published book on fibromyalgia and want input and feedback on the title. The book is meant for those with fibromyalgia and their loved ones. The following is the first couple paragraphs to get a feel for it. When I started medical school in 1992, I was...