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    Burning Muscle Pain

    I'm curious about this...When ever I overuse (say arms) whether its reaching in an awkward way like sideways or behind my muscle, especially in my upper arms.. not only hurts, but it actually burns! Any one else?
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    Does Diet Affect Fibro Pain?

    Has anyone noticed if certain foods cause pain, or worsen the pain of Fibro?
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    Topicals or Supplements

    Just wondering if anyone has had any sucess with Topical or Supplements. Or anything natural?
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    Slightest Activity causes Muscle Pain

    Just lifting groceries from the car. Chopping vegetables. Any type of repetition type motion. Stepping up on a step stool, just a couple of times. Just to name a few.. The muscles that are involved scream in pain AND stiffness. Then to make mattes worse..theres the INACTIVITY...
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    Whole body pain, is it Fibro or Grief

    My son passed away New Years day, 2021, at 55 yrs old. Needless to say, the grief is overwhelming. In July, I woke up with complete body pain...head to toe..along with stiffness in joints. While I do realize at 75 yrs old, that many things could be wrong with me..and back in the late 80s I...