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    Hi, I don't come on here that often but i'm in need of some perspective. I have been having what I call a flare up and im scared. Its been ongoing for the last 2 weeks and usually I can snap out of it or fix myself but this time I feel like i've just gone numb. Nothing hurts, everything is...
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    fight or flight

    I recently had fibro explained to me in the sense that fibro was fight or flight response in the brain that can't turn makes sense...i think ? has anyone else had it explained to them as this and does this make sense to you?
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    Has anyone tried acupuncture to relieve pain? I have heard mixed reviews but would love to know others opinions on the matter :?:
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    looking for help...

    Hi everyone, I have decided to join a forum to find like minded people to help and support. I was diagnosed with CFS in 2012 and Fibro in 2017 but I starting to run out of stamina to keep pushing forward. I am mainly hoping someone has some kind of magic that can help me keep working and keep...