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    Tingling face?

    Hi, I have also been having tingling and numbness, it can be scary! All day Sunday I was feeling faint and unable to eat anything. Was up all Sunday night with such a bad headache and dizziness and then on Monday morning I was vomiting and my partner called out the paramedics and they did BP...
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    No I have not tried it.

    No I have not tried it.
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    Not too bad today thanks. Had to go to hospital last Friday as I felt ill had an ECG and found I...

    Not too bad today thanks. Had to go to hospital last Friday as I felt ill had an ECG and found I had a fast heart beat. Been sent for blood tests. See osteopath weekly and he does cold needling which I find really helps.
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    Digestion problems

    Hi, I am the same, been really bad the last few weeks. With IBS have constipation one day then diarrhea for a few days. Acid reflux also seems to give me a sinus type headache and as you say a sore throat. It makes you feel so miserable especially with the neck and arm pain as well.
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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Hi, I am 66 and live in London. I had my first pfizer jab on the 18th February. The day after I started to get diarrhee really badly and on the Saturday morning I felt terrible, the worse headache I have ever had and felt as though I was going to faint, this lasted right until Monday morning...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hello, I am so glad you posted this message as I can honestly say I get these symptoms, always wondered why I was getting funny noises from my stomach. Like you the past 2-3 weeks have been terrible and yesterday was a very bad day. I go to an osteopath every week and he does cold needling...
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    In the process of getting a diagnosis, do you have the same?

    Hi, I am getting exactly the same as you, especially the face and eye pain and bad headaches. I do suffer from sinus problems which I have been told that fibromyalgia sufferers are inclined to suffer from sinusitis. My head always seems worse when I lay down. I was put on a course of...
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    Sudden recurrence

    Hi all, You are not alone. I have had 3 really good weeks, but since yesterday things have been bad. Headache over my eyes, pains all over my face and a sore throat at times and a burning face, I do suffer from sinus so this could be the problem. I have been taking amptriplene since June...
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    Does anyone get a pain in both sides of their head? I have been having this recently and it always seems worse when I have IBS or trapped wind, this also makes me feel very lightheaded and as though I am going to faint. I do not have it everyday, I go to an Osteopath who says it is to do with...
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    Yes, I always seem to have an headache, although I do suffer from sinus infections. Just recently the pain extends to my ears, face and throat.