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    Medication Question - How Much Do You Take If Any

    Thanks to all of you for your answers! I wish I could decrease stress in my life (son has ADHD and is a teenager, no getting rid of stress anytime soon ; ) ). Being able to work from home or part time would be a lot better for me I think. Husband is not real supportive of me not working...
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    Medication Question - How Much Do You Take If Any

    Hi, I'm curious - is anyone here able to successfully manage your symptoms with a minimum of medication? If so, how do you do it? Do you work full-time (either in or outside the home)? I work full-time in a fairly sedentary job 37.5 hrs per week, and take a lot of medication in order to do...
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    I think I have FM, but MD has not diagnosed

    I started having pain back in 2011 after I began a part-time job that was more physical than I had performed before. I was just into my 40s, so not a good idea I guess since all my jobs had been sedentary before. I was in decent shape though and it was just part-time, so I didn't think...