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    Feeling worthless :-(

    I just need to vent somewhere where others actually understand what I'm going through. I've always been a hard working and over-achiever. I look back and see that there was a time when I was a wonderful mother. We baked together, cooked food from scratch, looked forward to preparing meals for...
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    What if it's not Fibro?

    I don't really know where to post this. I guess I'm just venting about my worries so I'm putting it in here. I've been in pain and dealing with fibro symptoms for almost 3 years now (I know many of you have suffered much longer). My psychiatrist (who also does primary care) has diagnosed me...
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    Who can help treat fibro?

    Hello. I'm new to the forum. Just finally desperate enough to try to reach out for help. Here is some history (and sorry if I ramble or don't make sense, I'm having a bad day and feel like my brain isn't functioning at it's full capacity. Several years ago I started noticing unexplained...