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    COVID Anxiety

    Hello, I'm not sure of this is the right trend but, hoping you'll help me. I've read that for people with chronic illness in particular, have high likelihood of having a concurrent mental health disorder may be exacerbated by their vulnerability to severe illness from COVID-19. Recently, a...
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    Apps or Games to Pass the Time

    I wonder if you guys have any recommendations for apps or games? I was thinking of something that would provide brain exercise and fun at the same time. I read a lot of books already, and sometimes I just want to lie down and tap on my phone. Any recommendations are appreciated. Many thanks!
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    What's the most difficult thing you did while you were in pain?

    There would definitely be a time when we have to deal with life and the pain at the same time. For instance, your fiance's family is coming over, it was already planned, but you suddenly feel all the symptoms. You can't cancel. I mean, you can but that would be like not so nice. Have you ever...
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    Springtime flare-ups

    Who's experiencing some flare-ups due to the change of weather/season? Spring used to be my favorite season but since some symptoms comes along with it, I don't look forward to it that much anymore.
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    Fibromyalgia and Anxiety

    Is Fibromyalgia linked to mental illness? Can anxiety in fibromyalgia increase the severity of pain perception and the severity of the disease? Is it possible that the stress from fibromyalgia's pain and fatigue could cause anxiety and social isolation?
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    Alternative Therapy for Anxiety

    This year had been stressful and people got so anxious with the many uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. There's not much we can do but take care of our health. What are other alternative ways to combat anxiety without involving any meds?
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    Life After COVID-19

    It's not clear as to when the pandemic will be over, but I'm certain it won't be any time soon. How have you guys been holding up? What are your plans when we are all back to being free to go wherever we want without worrying of getting infected by the virus?
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    Motivation to go on amidst COVID-19

    COVID-19 affects people physically and mentally. It's hard to deal with all this along with chronic pain. What do you do when feel like life is consuming all the positivity in you? What motivates you?
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    Essential Oils for Pain Relief

    I've heard a lot about people who use essential oils to help with pain, stress, and anxiety? Has anyone tried this?