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    geezo pete

    Man everyone, I have just not been feeling it lately, my hands feel like they are trying to break out in blisters again, I seen my GP today because I had to finish up my childhood vaccinations, so my immune system is 2 years old today, but any way I talked to and showed my hands from last time...
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    Hey lets have some fun

    Hello all, I just thought it would be fun to play that game geography you start the game with a state, or country and the next person comes up with one that the prior one ended in, so to get us started Ill put where Iam from and hopefully you will join in . Ok so I am from: Iowa so the next...
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    I am having one of those dragging, lagging nausea days no matter what you eat or don't eat that icky feeling stays with you all day. Hey I have another question for everyone have you ever experienced extremely itchy blister like spots on your hands I have had them before but about 3 days ago I...
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    Its raining its poring

    Its raining here today and my hands are feeling it the most today, I don't think this winter is going to fare well for me, my body is really reacting a lot to the change in the weather. Ive been meaning to try some of the supplements that people have suggested but keep forgetting every time I am...
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    Whats this about?

    I have another question for everyone, I don't mean to be gross or anything but does anybody else get oily stools? I've started noticing that lately , what's that about?
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    up again

    I have to say I love my dogs I really do they are very therapeutic for me, but they are little stinkers. It seems like on the rare nights I am actually able to sleep they wake me up to go outside I want to strangle them lol😬. Anyway I love them very much, with my daughter grown and out of the...
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    Brain fog

    I feel your pain, I have fibro fog so bad I'll be talking mid sentence i cant remember what I wanted to say, or my husband will tell me something and its like I didn't hear it at all because its gone, I can't remember at all what he said and this is just minuets later o_O😬😲😴
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    Hello all I haven't posted in a couple of days I just wanted to say hi I hope everyone is doing well sending much love your way
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    Its offical

    Well its offical Iam going back to work at 51, Iam lucky though where Iam going the manager knows my history and said we can take things slow, pray for me I hope I can tolerate it we shall she I'll keep things updated. Love to all 😘
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    barometric pressure and flare-ups

    I have a question, Does anybody else think that the barometric pressure in the air has anything to do with having flareups? I live in the midwest so we have a lot of barometric pressure here. I just started noticing that I am turning into a weather meter. Just food for thought.