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    Hand/Finger Weakness?

    I broke all the glasses in my cupboard from dropping everything. They're all plastic now. Sucks!
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    B-12 problems anyone?

    I'm still worried all these symptoms came from that period in my life where I was a vegetarian and might have suffered B12 problems. I took supplements but not the sublingual. My mother was diagnosed with severe B-12 deficiency causing psychotic episodes and weakness. I went away slowly with...
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    Hand/Finger Weakness?

    My hands have always hurt since getting sick, I fumbled and dropped things all the time but my grip was still testing normal until my last doctors visit. I squeezed as hard as a could but he was telling me I was hardly doing it. I'm 37...shouldn't be this weak. So whatever this is it's progressing.
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    Help me

    Holy f*uck that post was long. God bless energy drinks.
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    Help me

    I am feeling rather dismal myself, I can tell my neurotransmitters are low, I'm scared, upset, wary, uncomfortable, anxious, feeling doomed, feel like I'm about to loose control, feel like I'm in a nightmare, feel like I'm the only one on the planet. I feel like everything is wrong and going to...
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    Scared about getting orthodontics

    I wore braces for so many years as a kid. They probably will set you up with invisaline or whatever it's called to wear at night. So the pain shouldn't be that bad. If it is ask your doctor if he can prescribe you something until you teeth finish moving to where they should be...if you don't...
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    Research paper about patient perspective on fibromyalgia

    I read a bit and added it to reading brain it too fried today. But I read that it takes an average of 3 yrs to diagnose going to 3.7 12 yrs 20 doctors, teams of neurologists and students, every doctor in the psych ward of 2 hospitals (they all thought it was anxiety and...
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    Hi...I'm not sure if this is a private message or not. I can tell you about my experiences with...

    Hi...I'm not sure if this is a private message or not. I can tell you about my experiences with ADD meds, just send a private text and I'll respond. I don't know if visitor messages are private....ciao
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    emotional hell

    My emotions, at least all my negative ones are so amplified with fibro, I'm super sensitive to everything so I can relate to what you're saying. I find the normals really can't relate usually. I use to be terrified of being alone. When I was told I'd be alone in the house my anxiety would spike...
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    Pain draining my brain.

    I get some replies. I also want her to have a copy of my test results from other doctors so that maybe we can come up with treatment options, testing, and I've been having some very strange symptoms lately so I wanted them recorded and input later on. I did go to the hospital twice but the wait...