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    Gabapentin and weight issues

    I've been on gabapentin since June, currently taking 600mg/day. It's (mostly) managing my pain (on good days I have virtually no pain), which makes me happy. But right after I started taking it, I gained almost 10 pounds, and I can't seem to break through the plateau I'm at right now to go back...
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    What do you do for vacation? Yes, I am being serious.

    We're all about the family stay-cations. My parents-in-law live about 5 hours from us, so when we need to get away, we tend to visit them. It's close enough that the drive doesn't do too much damage to my pain levels, and since we're staying with family, it's low-key and relaxing. Plus, my...
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    Book recommendations requested

    Thanks so much!
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    Book recommendations requested

    I'm a reader. So when I was first referred to a rheumatologist, my first reaction was to do research. Now that I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I'd like to know what books you've read that have helped you understand the illness as well as how to live with it. (I'm not afraid of medical...
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    Hand spasms?

    CrazyCatLady, I'm sorry to hear about your spasms -- they sound much worse than mine! I'm glad the MRI went okay, though! My daughter had to have an MRI late last year, and they had to sedate her (she was only 4 at the time). Not fun!
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    Hand spasms?

    I am on a couple of medications, but this began before I was on medicine. If it persists or gets worse, I'll mention it to my rheumatologist. Thanks for the input!
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    Hand spasms?

    I'm curious if anyone else experiences this. Occasionally when I'm doing work I need to concentrate on, like writing in a small space or trying to plug my headphones into my phone, my hand will do a little spasm, just once. I haven't found a trend with it, but it happens enough that it's...
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    I had my first fibro-attributed clumsiness this morning....

    I have a Keurig because I'm the only one in my family who drinks coffee, so I can make it one cup at a time. I also have a re-usable K-cup because so. much. trash. Well, today I was making my coffee before a phone interview for a podcast, and when I was trying to twist the lid on the k-cup...
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    Is it considered healthy for a 23 year old to need a daily nap?

    There are a lot of factors that play into how much sleep my body needs. If I'm in a flare or I'm recovering from some intense days (outside in the sun, lots of walking, etc.), I need more sleep for a few days. But overall, if I get 6-7 hours a night, I don't need a nap. My body is temperamental...
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    Always Sneezing!??

    Me! Me! Me! Quite often (every day when I'm in a flare) I have a sneezing fit, and I sneeze for 2-3 minutes straight, sometimes longer. It started when I was pregnant (both times), then subsided for a while, and when I started having problems that eventually led to my fibro diagnosis, it was...