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    newly diagnosed, questions

    I have definitely questioned whether or not I'm just being lazy. I tried to work through it and do whatever I could so that I could prove I wasn't just lazy but then I would be in so much pain and fatigue that I wouldn't be able to do anything for a few days. I'm going through a tough time right...
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    New with fibromyalgia

    Hi thanks for the encouragement. I have pain in my chest that wraps around my ribs and into my back,. I thought it was my thoracic spine and was receiving epidural steroid injections with no relief. It also causes me to be short of breath quite often. Both of my calves tighten up after a few...
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    New with fibromyalgia

    HI sunkacola, my path started with me thinking I might be having a heart attack. Pain in chest shortness of breath and both calves getting like rocks. After work up with cardiologist and finding no issues he sent me to a vascular surgeon and my G.I doctor sent me to endocrinologist. They found...
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    New with fibromyalgia

    Hi, I'm newly diagnosed and writing my first ever post. 2 years ago I was working as a welder in pain but able to work, then the fatigue came along with the pain. I thought I was dying slowly. Had to stop working and started seeing the doctors. Which is horrible all on it's own. I also have...