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  1. medicmurphy

    need provider help - albuquerque

    Have you thought of seeing a Rheumatologist
  2. medicmurphy


    Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and for some provides relief. I myself have not tried it as I’m not a fan of the spice
  3. medicmurphy

    Have you tried Cryotherapy or Whole Body Infrared Light Therapy?

    No I haven’t. What are your qualifications? Do you have a medical background? If you’re starting a business based on this treatment, why don’t you have the answers you seek? I always view people such as you with a ginormous degree of suspicion. Far to may charletins are lurking in this world...
  4. medicmurphy

    Trying To Be Happy Today

    Things that made me happy today..... my hubby is sick with a flu and finally I get to take of him instead of him taking care of me. I baked kiwi banana bread for him and no bake protein bites.
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    @sunkacola. I truly understand the grieving of your partner and the bike connection. My heart is sad for you. Kind of a double loss.....physical pain and heart pain. Perhaps the day will come where you will get back in the saddle, even for a quick toot around the corner. I think deep down I’m...
  6. medicmurphy

    Supposedly Fibro, but perplexed about one thing...

    You betcha, there is no logic to it. Lol :)
  7. medicmurphy

    Numbness in both feet

    I can have numbness to my left hand by my pinky finger. It randomly comes and goes though. Chatted with the Dr but didn’t get any real answers. Chalked it down to FM. I can’t disagree as I have no other symptoms and it’s been going on for years.
  8. medicmurphy

    Trying To Be Happy Today

    Things that made me happy yesterday. In spite of feeling icky I still ran 8k along the river. While running I got passed by an old guy on his electric scooter. Too funny. I’ve been chuckling since then. He was motoring along pretty good too. I stopped to take pics of the beautiful river...
  9. medicmurphy

    Supposedly Fibro, but perplexed about one thing...

    I hear you! I’ve fought with Fibro since 1993ish and I’ve managed to keep active. Since 2007 it’s become much worse, however, I still manage to go to the gym, do HIIT, weight train and ride my motorcycle. Admittedly there would be some gaps where I hit the wall. (I have trouble pacing myself)...
  10. medicmurphy

    Does this sound like Fibro?

    You’re post did not come across as an anecdote. If that was your original intent and it did not work out, please do not get angry at me. As David the moderator pointed out, some of your wording definitely led the reader to conclude that suicide is an option. No, I would not tell a person who...