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  1. Getemgirl

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Just left doctors office. She had not heard of hyperbaric and was very interested. Said she would research. I did mention to her that it might be cost prohibitive. I will have to check back with her at a later date.
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    I still haven't figured that out!
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    Hi Andreap, I was diagnosed in June. This forum is a great place to have lots of "pen pals" to commiserate with and get advice. It's also a great place to share any tricks or discoveries you have that might help others. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Getemgirl

    October diagnosed

    Yes, this is how it can feel. A couple weeks ago I was feeling bad and came home from work. I took a 5 hour nap (unheard of) and didn't move at all while I slept. I still have a very deep pain, like a horse kicked me, in the hip I was laying on. Sometimes the pain inches up my back and into the...
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    Welcome to the forum andreap! I hope you find answers and support here!
  6. Getemgirl

    Better day - hope for everyone

    So happy to hear! This makes my day!
  7. Getemgirl

    Think I may have fibromyalgia

    Sounds pretty familiar. Not just some of your symptoms, but all of them. Maybe see a specialist for fibromyalgia or a rheumatologist to rule out other possibilities.
  8. Getemgirl

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    I just paid off my car. Im considering saving for a year in case my insurance won't cover it. I have an appointment Wednesday with my rheumatologist. I will ask her what she thinks.
  9. Getemgirl

    My body literally feels like I've been beaten

    Hippiechick91, How is the Cymbalta working for you? I have an appointment on the 21st with my rheumatologist. We need to talk about other meds as they don't want me to keep taking Naproxen.
  10. Getemgirl

    Chest Pain

    Costo is short for costochondritis. My doc described this as an irritation or break in the cartilage between the sternum and the ribs. I don't know how this ties to fibromyalgia, but that point on your chest is a fibro point on the test. It's about 3" apart at nipple level. Have had referred...