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    Increasing weakness in arms and legs

    I've had them (benign fasciculations) for 18 years...they began the same time as Fibro did. I feel it's nerve hyperexcitability and spasticity. For instance, in the mornings I'm very stiff. When I stretch, it irritates the muscle fibers and gets them jumping.
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    Increasing weakness in arms and legs

    I have similar issues, and my left side in particular feels weak. I also get benign fasciculations (random twitches and muscle movements). FM is painful and often frightening. I still work, but was hugely glad to be off today. I awoke feeling awful and spent most the day napping...sometimes we...
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    Body Conducts too much Electricity - Fibro?

    Sounds like you are superhero! That is actually good... What you DONT want is decreased signal.
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    Ice Bucket Challenge for Fibro -

    I've had fibro 17 years, but even on my worst days cannot imagine comparing it to ALS which is the cruelest, most awful disease on the planet and (to date) has no cure. While I'm certainly in favor of research for fibro/CFS/ME, I pray nightly that a cure for ALS will be found. If you are...
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    hand check

    Junebug, I like your spirit lol... We'd all do well to remember the various tricks Fibro can play on our bodies and minds. From numbness, feelings of weakness or shakiness, tingling, buzzing, twitching, brain fog, cramps, etc. -- there are (I believe) over 50 symptoms associated with FM, and it...
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    30 years of back and forth

    Yes I have spasms and fasciculation that drive me nuts. I only have 7 days of short term disability remaining then must return to work. I have yet to get the epidural injection I was prescribed because they referred me to a pain management doctor who does not take my insurance. If I thought I...
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    new- waiting for a diagnosis

    You're not alone. Sounds like you have allodynia (sp?) which means extreme sensitivity to's caused by nerve hyperexcitability. Symptoms with Fibro tend to wax and wane, so if you have any control over your schedule, that would be a blessing (there are some days that getting up and at...
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    Is it really this bad... ?

    I can relate. Although I've had Fibro for 17 years, I'm now dealing with degenerative changes in my cervical and lumbar spine (I'm 49) and perimenopause that have exacerbated symptoms to include weak shaky arms and legs (worse on left), horrible fatigue and resultant anxiety. I'm on short term...
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    hand check

    Visit the site called "ABOUTBFS", there are thousands of people with benign twitching and tremors and some have Fibro. Not ONE of them has ever developed als. Most have Fibro, ME/CFS, thyroid issues, pinched nerves in cervical spine and some have no idea why they twitch. I've had these...
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    30 years of back and forth

    I'm from the Miami area (Coral Gables) and have had this awful stuff since 1996. Fatigue, pain primarily on left side, sore trigger points and benign fasciculations when they're in flare, burning feet, weird "off center" feelings like I'm about to float out of my body, light sensitivity, GERD...