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  1. MarsB

    Confusion, over thinking and memory issues

    Hello SSSS And welcome! Being extra busy, stress etc. DOES increase my fibro fog. It comes out as searching for a word or saying the wrong such as “ could you hand me that fork?” When I really meant knife. I know it’s frustrating for those around me. 😞 I work with a therapist who had me try...
  2. MarsB

    Fibromyalgia forum 1st timer.

    👆🏻👆🏻 If you are not getting any pain relief, look for other options. This forum is full of suggestions and ideas. Extend grace to yourself and take time to learn what works best for you. Hang in there! 💐💐
  3. MarsB

    Medication for Fibromyalgia

    Yes! I only take at bedtime but sleep at least helps me for the next day! ( well, I’m theory it should! 😜)
  4. MarsB

    Very frustrated

    Our fur babies! They always make me smile! I hope you are feeling better! I’m trying to enjoy small things. My husband put up a bird feeder. I listen to audiobooks. I have a few flowers to try yo encourage my not so green thumb! Also, have you tried a Tens unit?
  5. MarsB

    Medication for Fibromyalgia

    I have finally found some relief with gabapentin + Zanaflex. My doctors allow for me to increase/ decrease depending on how I feel. Good luck! PS: No relief from CBD and I’ve tried many brands.
  6. MarsB

    I’ve had zero luck with CBD oil you take orally. And I’ve paid for the top dollar ones. The...

    I’ve had zero luck with CBD oil you take orally. And I’ve paid for the top dollar ones. The topicals with cooling agents help a little. Wish I lived where CBD+THC was legal. Good luck to you.:)
  7. MarsB

    Apps or Games to Pass the Time

    Wordle & Quordle Homescapes and Gardenscapes I miss Vertex but not paying the NYT to play it.
  8. MarsB

    Just new here but not to Fibromyalgia/CFS

    Hello everyone- Diagnosed with FIbro/CFS in 2013 after having chronic henoch schonlein purpura for almost 2 years. The diagnosis has been hard for me to accepted. About me- married to the love of my life with one fur baby- a Russian Blue named Ella 😺 located in southern Indiana nurse for 31...