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    Hi! Dealing with Fibro's Ugly Cousin

    hi Carmen I have been to docs with lumps at bottom of rib cage,as he cold feel them he sent me for xray,but nothing showed,no further action was taken.i still have them and sometimes cant stand even a cushion there.i also get soft slightly risen painful patches on my head,to the extent I once...
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    newbie just a bit bout me

    thank you peaceandquiet .it can be very confusing which site to be on and I have been on a few.
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    newbie just a bit bout me

    hi i'm carol.i have been diagnosed with primary fibro'secondary sjorgens and ischail bursitis all within months of each other and I've had granuloma cellular {excuse spelling in all posts please}for years.i have been on a lot of forums as I have been tested for lots of autoimmune...