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  1. Charz

    CRP inflammatory markers

    What did your blood work show? Did they test for herpes, or strep? Did you have any other symptoms? You def had an infection going on that I dougbt your rheumatologist would figure out. Your primary should have.
  2. Charz

    Fibro flare up & slurred speech.

    Sounds like TMJ. Have you been checked for it?
  3. Charz

    Seeing a chiropractor for Fibro

    I have been going 1-2x/wk to my chiro for about 20 yrs. When I move I find a new one who takes my ins and has walk-ins. It really helps me.
  4. Charz

    How much does Lyrica or similar drugs really help Fibromyalgia pain?

    Did nothing for me. Natural works.
  5. Charz

    Acuppuncture: What criteria to use to choose an Acupuncturist

    Didn't you say you don't live near any acupuncturists now? I go by if I can afford them. I can't afford 130./treatment so I look for community practice acupuncturist who charge about 15. My last one just moved but my old acupuncturist who only charges me 50. just moved close enough for me to...
  6. Charz

    I’ve tried rheumatologists, you tell me what you think - is it Fibro or not?

    The swelling is a concern. Your primary was no help with testing?
  7. Charz

    New and confused

    Is your BP ok now? A fibro flare can make you more sensitive to everything.
  8. Charz

    Knee pain

    Gel injections are paid by ins. This time they didn't work so I am having prolotherapy done next week. Ins usually does not cover it but I had it done on knees and feet 5 years ago and I had NO pain for 3+ years.
  9. Charz

    Cognitive behavioral therapy with fibromyalgia and anxiety

    You live on Westchester County! If yes I can recommend some great doctor's.
  10. Charz

    Weight Loss With Chronic Fatigue + Pain?

    Are you still gluten free?