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    Has anyone tried this suggestion.

    Aquasize is exercise in the water. Great workout but very low impact so it is great for people like us
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    Has anyone tried this suggestion.

    Once I am approved for disability I will be doing aquasize for the fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease and hopefully have funds for a better diet for the diabetes. I will let you guys know how it works as I take meds for anxiety and diabetes but not for the fibromyalgia as I find they...
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    oh what fun

    Nascarmike can I ask about dosage that they give you. Our new laws to prescribe medical marihuana states they have to give a dosage. I was told as no study regarding dosage has been done I won't find a doctor to prescribe it. Hope you are feeling better
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    More benefits from medical mary jane! Check it out

    I asked about this and was told no one in Saskatchewan will prescribe it. They have passed laws now that they have to prescribe medical marihuana in dosage and no one has studied it enough to be able to prescribe specific dosages
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    Good Sources For Fibromyalgia Diet Research?

    Fruit is very high in natural sugars. Having found out I have severe diabetes I have really had to watch my diet. I find the carbs Amd processed sugar to be worse. When my sugars are lowered with medication and I am exercising I can have more added natural sugar as in fruit to my diet. Fruit was...
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    ARGH this sucks

    Well the ltd is through a private insurer through my work. My works knows I am sick, I have more than enough medical, the union is behind me completely and the disability company has admitted to my being sick. I was supposed to hear about my claim early this week. I still haven't. Thankfully my...
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    I Was Skeptical But It Does Work

    This is very much like what my rheumotologist wants me to do. Four months to adopt a new lifestyle. Pain management, exercise - especially core strengthening, diet and work that will fit for me. I do energy work myself and I do understand where they are coming from with positive energy and...
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    ARGH this sucks

    We didn't ask for a time frame at the time but now that we know more of what I am dealing with we are pretty positive the timeline is short rather than long. I have free visits to the doctor in Canada. The medications I was on that worked are not yet approved by our provincial drug plan. That...
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    I get the shakes and tremors as well. I have worried that I have MS. Kinda gland to see it is common
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    ARGH this sucks

    I am sorry but I really need to get this out and I know people here will understand. Since February of this year I found out I have fybromyalgia that comes with the lovely addition of chronic fatigue and ibs. I have always suffered from depression and anxiety and now it is worse. I also found...