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    Hello there!

    Hi Lorraine. My name is Brian. I understand where you are coming from. Some doctors are so closed minded that cant open their eyes and see a person in pain. We have all heard from someone that it was all in our head. I heard that from my step grandmother. That upset me. Ive also heard that my...
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    Canes, wheelchairs, walkers, oh my!

    Interesting post, links. I have to use a cane on my bad days. I get looks, but I dont care. I blew out my knee when I was 18 (caught my leg in between a skid loader and its bucket), so I already had a cane and had used it before. My Fibro flare ups attack my knees very often so I have no choice...
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    You have a support group here now. When I joined, I thought all hope was lost. These people have given me hope and encourage me to move foward, each and every day. Any help you need, message me.
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    So many people want me to go to a physcologist. I am dragging my feet as I dont like talking about my feelings and havent had good experiences with shrinks. Any suggestions.
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    Sexual Question for the Guys

    You lovely ladies are true women. Thank you for the kind words. It does help. Now when I started having these issues I was dating an older woman. I thought since she was older, she would be more mature. I was wrong. Very very wrong. Lol. Her and I would get into arguments because she believed I...
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    Hurting emotionally

    You are not a peice of stepped on toilet paper. All the horrible things you are feeling about youself, you are not those horrible things. I do not want to speak ill of your sister, but she obviously doesn't understand fibromyalgia and what you go through. I think all of us since beign diagnossed...
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    hello i'm a new member

    Welcome. You are not alone, you have all of us on here. When I joined here, I was at a very low point in my life, after joining on here I have had alot less bad mental days. So when you have bad days, be sure to come on here. We will help you. Yes fibromyalgia is normally a female illness. Out...
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    I need help

    First, welcome. And we are all here to help you, and want you to get better. First I would suggest getting a new rheumatologist. I am also in the process of getting a new one, due to my old one making me come and see him, him taking notes and then sending me out the door with no help or advice...
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    Sexual Question for the Guys

    It is extremelly frustrating. Ive been put on pills for the urination part, and it does nothing. Doesnt help at all. And when it comes to the sexual part, I can not begin to describe my frustration and feelings of inadequacy. Being 21 years old and not being able to satisfy a woman was just...
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    Short term memory?

    Yeah Links, my memory is completely shot. I have multiple white boards (dry erase boards) over the house to write things on to remember them. My mom writes things I need to remember on them as well. That has semi helped tho.