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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Moderna Reaction: First jab: Slept most of the time days 2 and 3: Second jab: Headache, chills, super sleepy, tired, bad brain fog. Caveat: I was also getting over a sinus infection so that may have amplified some symptoms. Took one week to get back to my "normal." Most I could do during that...
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    Is twitching a symptom of fibro newly diagnosed

    There are many Internet sites about fibromyalgia that mention twitching. Fibromyalgia presents differently in each person. Read as much as you can about the condition online. Information is power and it will also empower you. Good luck on your journey!
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    I feel like I have a fever with flu like symptoms when I get a flare up

    Dusty, my heart goes out to you. The most I've gotten out of regular doctors is just blank stares. The turning point for me was when a physical therapist said my response to therapy was just like his fibromyalgia patients. And HE also has fibromyalgia. I found a fibromyalgia specialist through...
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    I feel like I have a fever with flu like symptoms when I get a flare up

    Hi there, you are not alone in your symptoms! I was diagnosed with fibro last September and my biggest problem is flu-like symptoms with no fever. I call it "the coma." It used to happen more often before I was diagnosed because we are conditioned to "push through" and keep going. There's no...
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    Guaifenesin protocol and fibromyalgia

    Hi, one of the things that my fibromyalgia specialist impressed upon me was how scrupulous you have to be in eliminating products with salicylic acid and products containing mint or from the mint family. Basically, if you don't do a thorough revision of ALL the products you are either consuming...
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    Guaifenesin protocol and fibromyalgia

    Hi everybody. Diagnosed at age 60 with FM after years of doctors throwing their hands up in the air saying they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. The typical. My physical therapist recommended the guaifenesin protocol, saying it worked for him, his wife and both their mothers. I've...