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    Seasonal flares of Fibromyalgia

    For me is all year. I live in Florida and there are days that I’m so cold inside the office that I seat in my car with the heater on until I feel my skin burning. I drink hot tea and coffee all day to regulate my body’s temperature.
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    What to do to help flare

    Same as everyone else. I just came out of a flair a week ago. Rest , rest and more rest for me.
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    Hi! Just got fibromyalgia dx today- stressed and sad 😥

    The first thing , calm down deep breathing. Acceptance and acceptance. Get all the information from people that is going thru it. They are your best supported. We understand each other and we understand our fibro language. Your journey is long and you will learn what works for you better. Not...
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    How to understand partners motivation when shes ill?

    People with this condition wants to live , do normal things that makes us happy, we get fed up with all the pain , tiredness the Tv, bed. Doing something that we like help us feel normal , even knowing we are going to suffer for it. We live in a minute at a time, waiting for the next flair, pain...
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    For me , my faith going to church, having church friends that are understanding , kind ,caring and loving has help me cope a lot. Cleaning my soul of the struggle and mistakes of the past is a big one for me. Read books of faith and acceptance with grace and hope is a must for me. Doing good...
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    How common is eye pain and blurry vision in fibromyalgia? What are your experiences?

    Hi. In my case my eyes also hurt and I’m extremely sensitive to the light. Not everyday, just when fibro feels like bothering my eyes. They also burn.
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    Fibromyalgia with excruciating leg pain can someone help

    Hi my name is consuelo I’m also new to the forum. I have been dealing with fibro for 16 years plus I have autonomic brain dysfunction, Gerd and many other things related to the condition. I live in west palm beach Florida. My first problem is finding a doctor in my area for my fibro they only...