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    Regular check-ups

    thanks for your advice the truth is just what you have pointed out .Proper diagnosis is very key and should not be taking for granted.
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    I dont know what to say ? :(

    my advice to you is that proper diagnosis is key and early diagnosis is even better so try as much as possible to very your ailment first and then seek appropriate assistant from a good specialist.
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    Considering to stop working

    My recommendation would be that if she feels too tired to work then she should rest sufficiently because life is for the living. However if she has the strength or interest she can also consider trying online jobs that may be convenient for her. She can try some of the sites above that others...
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    Newly diagnosed, but suspect it has been here for years

    well Epiphany sorry for your diagnosis but the most important thing is that at least you have now realized the ailment is in your body so that means that you can then begin to embark on the necessary measures to start treating yourself accordingly.
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    Just diagnosed

    sorry for your diagnosis however make sure that you try your best to take your medications accordingly and do your best to stick to your appointments with the doctor
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    New to Fibro

    My humble suggestion to you is that you should try to take heart and then make sure you focus on your medication don't just take it for granted and make sure you go for your regular check up with your phycisian as at when due
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    sick day today

    well if you feel to sick to go to work i recommend you take enough rest i just hope that your boss is quite understanding to your current sittuation some may interpret it as a sign of laziness but please don't be distracted just do your best.
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    coping with having a job

    the truth on ground is that it may not be easy to combine a job with this ailment because it is quite a peculiar one but the fact still remains that if you really want to excel with your job with this ailment there are certain challenges you have to overcome
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    Falling Asleep at the Wheel?

    Personally i believe that falling asleep on the wheel irrespective of any situation whether sick or not should be considered as a very dangerous thing to happen with any one so my advice is if it continues to happen regularly try and see a physician.
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    Does fibro make you feel depressed?

    feeling depressed because of the ailment should not make one to feel bad in any way as a matter of fact it is expected so don't take it out on yourself or begin to feel that there is something wrong with you alone just know that it is normal to experience this